Honey Over Everything

Fresh: 2 more Bon Iver remixes (ft. Young Wonder & Slow Magic)

A few weeks ago, I stumbled on a great blog out of Ireland called Believe In Sound. Through one of their posts, I started listening to the great act Slow Magic. This morning, when I was looking for a few more choice Bon Iver remixes to post about, a submission to the contest by Slow Magic popped up…then, I also stumbled on a great mix by Young Wonder, who are coincidentally from Ireland. 

Weird how life circles around like that sometimes, and thanks to it I now have two great tracks to fill up my Monday. Slow Magic’s mix makes me want to sprint down the highway in elation … and Young Wonder’s production floored me with how dense, yet delicate they were able to make it. Enjoy these two - I know I am.

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